Should I Sell My Bay Area House First, or Should We Divorce Before Doing So?

In 2021, the United States witnessed 689,308 divorces in the 45 states that track and report these figures. These unfortunate events often lead to new beginnings for each individual, but what happens when property and homeownership are involved? In the San Francisco Bay Area, should you sell your house or divorce first? At Brothers Buy Homes, we provide answers to these questions and help you navigate this difficult time.

Divorce Implication of Property in the SF Bay Area

In the San Francisco Bay Area, property division during a divorce falls under California’s community property laws. These laws stipulate that any assets acquired during the marriage by either spouse are community property and must be divided equally upon divorce. These properties include the family home, which often represents one of a couple’s most significant financial assets.

Divorce First or Sell First To Get the Most Money?

Do you sell the house or divorce first? The answer depends on your unique situation. Selling the home before the divorce can simplify the asset division, but it can also implicate capital gains taxes and affect each party’s future housing and financial stability.

Conversely, deciding on ownership or sale after the divorce might necessitate more complex legal agreements and potential conflicts, particularly in a high-value real estate market like the San Francisco Bay Area. In February 2024, the real estate market in San Francisco alone experienced a notable increase in home prices, surging by 4.2% from the previous year.

Sell Your House As-Is and Get Cash

Sell Your Bay Area Home Fast To Pay for Legal Issues

Consult Your Attorney but Get an Idea of the Value

Ultimately, a divorce attorney should advise on the best course of action. Attorneys who specialize in divorce have a deep understanding of the laws governing property division and can offer personalized advice that considers both immediate and long-term consequences.

At the same time, getting an idea of your home’s value can help you understand the potential financial implications of selling or keeping the property. Brothers Buy Homes takes the benefits of having an accurate idea of your home’s value one step further by offering to buy your home directly.

  • Sell to us in as-is condition: Brothers Buy Homes purchases properties exactly as they are, relieving you from the burden of home preparation.
  • No repairs needed: We eliminate the hassle of repairs and renovations to make your home marketable.
  • Leave behind unwanted items: When you sell to us, you can leave behind any belongings you no longer need or want.
  • Close on your timeline: We adjust to your schedule. Close the sale quickly or take more time to facilitate your divorce.
  • No commissions or closing costs: Brothers Buy Homes offers a commission-free and no closing costs solution, meaning you keep more of the sale price.
Sell Bay Area Fixer-Upper Homes Quick

Selling Your San Francisco Bay Area Fixer-Upper Home Fast

Reasons To Sell Property in Bay Area Quick for Cash

Besides the motivation to facilitate an efficient divorce, many reasons may lead homeowners in San Francisco to sell their properties quickly for cash. These include the following:

  • Job relocation: A job transfer can necessitate a quick sale to avoid the financial strain of managing two properties or long commutes.
  • Inherited properties: Inherited property can bring emotional stress and financial obligations, such as taxes, maintenance, and mortgage payments.
  • Divorce: As discussed earlier, divorce can require the liquidation of joint assets — including property — to ensure a fair settlement and provide closure to both parties.
  • Foreclosure: Homeowners facing foreclosure may opt to sell their property quickly to avoid the negative impacts on their credit score.
  • Health problems: Significant health issues may lead to a quick sale if homeowners can no longer manage their property due to medical bills.
  • Vacant properties: Properties that remain vacant can become a liability, incurring costs without providing any return.
  • Downsizing or upgrading: Lifestyle changes, whether downsizing or upgrading, can motivate the fast sale of a property.
  • Bankruptcy: To manage or escape bankruptcy, selling assets quickly for cash can be necessary.
  • Tax issues: Homeowners with outstanding property taxes may seek a quick sale to resolve financial burdens and avoid legal complications.
Brothers Buy Homes Reviews

Brothers Buy Homes Reviews

Our Process Is Quick and Simple

Whether you sell your house or divorce first, Brother Buys Homes offers a quick and straightforward process for selling your property for cash. Our team of professionals understands the urgency and sensitivity of these situations, and we strive to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your House

Call Brothers Buy Homes at (415) 692-5133 or contact us online and tell us about the property you want to sell.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment

We’ll arrange a meeting to gather more details about your property.

Step 3: Get a FREE No-Obligation Offer

Based on your property’s condition and market value, we’ll present you with a compelling cash offer that frees you from any concerns. Our offer includes no hidden fees, commissions, or the need for repairs.

Step 4: We Open Escrow

Once you accept our fair cash proposal, we’ll promptly initiate the escrow process.

Step 5: You Cash Your Check

Congratulations! You will receive your payment in full once escrow closes.

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Brothers Buy Homes’ dedication to improving our community drives us to provide exceptional customer service and fair cash offers. Read reviews from satisfied clients with different life stories who have sold their properties quickly and easily with us!

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