Problem Neighbors? Sell Your House Fast and Move Now

cash home buyers bay AreaWhether it’s rowdy neighbors, their noisy pets, or the unfortunate position of being right next to an Airbnb listing, having to deal with problematic neighbors is, sadly, just another fact of life. You couldn’t have known that the house next to you would turn into a vacation rental down the line.

Being able to get away from it all at the drop of a hat is a dream, but the idea of going through the excruciating home-selling process is sobering and keeps many paralyzed in place. We’re here to save the day.

Did you know that there are companies out there willing to buy homes and pay in cash instantly? For homeowners in Sacramento and the Bay Area looking to sell as soon as possible, Brothers Buy Homes is the perfect solution.

What Brothers Buy Homes Can Do for You

With Brothers Buy Homes, quickly getting away from unruly neighbors isn’t the only problem that can be addressed. Our simple buying process easily solves other selling issues, too!

Skip the Realtor

No matter how desperate someone is to sell their home, it’s still hard to part with hard-earned money. Hiring a realtor can mean saying goodbye to around 6% of what you may get from selling a property. That’s talking $27,000 from a $450,000 sale.

Each real estate agent’s commission, which is typically shared by the realtor and the buyer’s agent, is purely shouldered by the seller. These fees are either a flat fee presented to the seller upfront or a certain percentage of the final sale price of the home.

Besides this, the constant back-and-forth with a realtor can also be stressful and time-consuming. Skip this by working with Brothers Buy Homes for a quick assessment and instant cash offer.

Save Your Money

Getting a house market-ready comes with many additional expenses that can leave people shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars.

Having a home inspected can set people back hundreds of dollars, which can yield results requiring expensive repairs. Repair costs will vary depending on each house’s wear and tear, from a few hundred dollars for carpet deep-cleaning to spending $6,000 replacing a rundown HVAC unit.

Closing a house successfully will also require an appraisal even with code violations, which costs an average of $300 to $450 for a single-family unit. A high appraisal is heavily reliant on the state of one’s home, making necessary repairs all the more important.

We buy houses “as-is”, promising no hidden repair fees.

Save Your Energy

No need to bring out the brooms, the vacuums, and the muscle grease to make your house clean and pretty for photos. With Brothers Buy Homes, going the extra mile to stage a home is unnecessary. We see past each house’s lived-in state and instead see all of its potential glory.

Keep Strangers Away

Open houses may be fun for the potential buyer, but for people still living in the houses that are up for viewing, it can be a worrying and tiring experience. Not only does the seller have to vacate their home to accommodate a viewing but there is also the potential for unsavory characters posing as buyers. Theft occurring during open house viewings is not new.

Going through Brothers Buy Homes eliminates this step, saving sellers from open house-related safety hazards.

Guaranteed Sale

Sometimes, people just need to get away fast. This is why it’s both disheartening and a waste of time to meticulously consider multiple offers, only to end up not closing and repeating the process all over again.

It can be a waiting game, too, especially when there isn’t as much demand, leaving people stuck with their problematic neighbors, no matter how much they want to move on.

With Brothers Buy Homes, every offer is a guaranteed sale.

Follow Your Schedule

It can be quite problematic packing up and moving according to the buyer’s schedule, especially when presented with a time crunch. Rushing a move can lead to poor planning, pricey expedited moving services, and sleepless nights, among other things.

Working with us, buyers can proceed with the sale and move out according to their own time and convenience.

Sell my house in Bay Area - We Buy HomesAn Instant Sale in 3 Easy Steps

We understand how difficult it is to have to put up with problematic neighbors on top of daily stressors. Work with Brothers Buy Homes for a straightforward house-selling process and to eliminate more stress, unnecessary third-parties, and hidden fees and charges.

With Brothers Buy Homes, sell your home with these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Request a Free Cash Offer

To begin the selling process, get in touch with us by simply filling out our online form or calling us at 916-975-6316 to schedule an appointment for assessment. We will then try to gather as much pertinent information to be able to give the fairest and best cash offer.

As long as your house is not under contract with any agents, we’re glad to take it off your hands.

Step 2: Get Your Offer

Once we’ve collected enough information, we will offer you an instant cash offer free from additional fees and charges. Our offers are fair, obligation-free, and are a guaranteed instant sale, no matter the condition your home is in.

We will open an escrow as soon as you accept our offer. If the situation permits, we can even close on your property in as little as seven days!

Step 3: Cash Your Check

After steps 1 and 2, all that’s left is receiving the check and then moving away to a better, more peaceful location.

With Brothers Buy Homes, you no longer need to put up with less-than-ideal neighbors in Los Angeles or The Bay Area.  So, sell my house fast Bay Area with Brothers Buy Homes.

For further inquiries, check out our FAQs or give us a call today!

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