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we buy houses Bay AreaIf there’s anything you can do to avoid foreclosure in the Bay Area, do it. Going through a foreclosure can be devastating for property owners. Imagine building your dream home for years only to have it taken away — and then dealing with the plethora of financial repercussions that come with it. Having a foreclosed property may cause economic hardships, financial instability, and lower credit.

Fortunately, our real estate professionals from Brothers Buy Homes can help prevent your property from being foreclosed: you can sell it fast for cash. At Brothers Buy Homes, we buy around 40 – 50 houses from the Bay Area as-is without fees, charges, and commissions. Seriously, we want to buy your property!

If you want to learn about a quick way to get cash for your Bay Area property, read on to learn about our life-changing offer.

Avoiding Foreclosure

If your property is at risk of foreclosure, don’t panic. Instead, we recommend taking action. Our experts at Brothers Buy Homes have quick tips to avoid foreclosure.


If you have enough available cash, reinstating your loan might be a viable option. Reinstatement allows property owners to make lump-sum payments on due mortgage fees before a specified date. This amount will likely include interests and penalty charges.

people that buy Bay Area homes for cashRefinancing 

Refinancing is an ideal option if you can get a better rate to pay off your old loan. Laws provide debtors the right to renew a mortgage through refinancing until the foreclosure sale date. In some states, property owners can even redeem mortgages after the sale. However, our real estate pros at Brothers Buy Homes say it may be difficult to attain for individuals with bad credit caused by late payments or pending foreclosure.


We recommend this process for property owners not too far behind in payments. With such a plan, you can create installments for missed payments while paying for the current dues.

Reinstatement, refinancing, and repayment are all feasible ways to avoid foreclosure. However, if you need quick cash without any hassle, we have a solution at Brothers Buy Homes: sell your property for cash.

Sell It Fast for Cash

sell my Bay area houseWe are proud of our unique solution to purchasing houses. We buy any house as-is without the need for repairs or closing costs. We aim to help the people from the Bay Area avoid foreclosure, pay their debt, and hopefully walk away with some profit.

Whether you have medical bills, sudden relocation needs, or unemployment to address, we are here for you. Brothers Buy Homes created a simple three-step process for selling properties fast.

  • Get your offer: We guarantee to send one within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that all our offers are risk-free, and you have no obligation to accept them.
  • Cash your check: Depending on an extensive range of situations, we can close on your home in as little as seven days.

The community considers Brothers Buy Homes as California’s #1 Home Buyers because we have provided as-is property owners with fair cash offers for the past 30 years. We aim to always offer more cash than other real estate investors in the Bay Area.

If you want fast, convenient all-cash home deals, we are the ideal company for you. Our gimmick-free process allows homeowners to sell homes quickly without unnecessary stress or expenses.

Sell my house in Bay Area - We Buy HomesRent Back Option

At Brothers Buy Homes, we understand the needs of our community that need to sell my house fast Bay Area. We provide distressed Bay Area home owners with a rent back option, where they can stay as tenants. However, we will discuss the following details:

  • Rent duration
  • Rent rates
  • Security deposit amount
  • Late charges
  • Utility payments
  • Lease assignment
  • Obligations of each party
  • Other conditions

We usually provide property owners with this option for whatever reason they need it. Please call us at 916-975-6349 today for more information about your options.

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