Selling your home can be tough. If it is an older home with the issues that come with time, it can be even more difficult. Structural issues with the foundation of the home may make it seem impossible to find a buyer.

Don’t lose hope!

For every home that is on the market, there is always a buyer who will want to buy it. The key is to find that buyer. While not all buyers are willing to tackle the serious structural repair involved in foundation issues, you can still quickly sell your Bay Area home fast.

Why Do Foundation Issues Develop?

Identifying the core reason for foundation issues is the first step in fixing the problem. Foundation damage comes in three forms: cracking, sloping and shifting. Different triggers create different issues and finding the trigger is the first step in correcting the issue.

Sell My House Fast in Bay Area San Francisco CACommon causes of foundation deterioration include:

  • Overly dry or humid weather
  • Poor construction
  • Natural degradation over time
  • Severe storms
  • Poor soil type
  • Poor drainage causing moisture buildup around the home

The longer a home’s foundation suffers these types of conditions, the more problematic it can be to adjust to the pressures of the elements and surrounding soil. Poor maintenance and even just the basic wear and tear of the passing years can exacerbate these conditions. As a result, the foundations begin to crack, slope and shift.

Recognizing Developing Foundation Issues

Many homeowners fail to immediately recognize the clues that appear inside a home when the foundation is shifting, cracking, or sloping. You may find yourself noticing a plethora of issues that seem entirely unrelated and wondering what is happening to your home.

It may not be until you complain about the problems to a friend who has been through foundation damage that you realize where the problem lies. The telltale signs that the foundation of your home is unstable include jammed windows, cracking paint, sloping floors, leaning chimneys and more. Keep reading so you can recognize these indicators for yourself.

Cracks in Walls, Doors or Windows

Cash Home Buyer in San Francisco Oaklans, Bay AreaAre there cracks starting to develop along the crown molding that separates your ceiling from the wall? What about around the movable structures such as the windows and doors of your home? Is the wallpaper bubbling or the paint cracking on your walls? Are there drafts around windows and doors that allow air to blow into your home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely that your foundation has started to shift. The moveable structures of your home are kept in place by the foundation, which is why it was built. As it begins to move, all the structures built atop it do as well.

These cracks can eventually become large enough to allow moisture and water to leach in. This, in turn, can cause mold and mildew to flourish leading to a host of additional issues.

Sloping or Bubbled Floors

Another clear sign of the structural degradation of your home’s foundation is when your floor starts sloping down or pushing up in areas. It can begin to resemble a roller coaster track as the damage to your foundation worsens.

At first, however, the structural damage will be slight. At this point, you may notice a wobbly table or other uneven furniture as the floor buckles or bulges slightly. Another early indicator of sloping or bubbled floors is when you begin tripping over a place you never tripped over before due to the new variance in height between one room and another.

Drawers, Windows & Doors Won’t Stay Closed or Open

A noticeable sign is that everything on top of the foundation shifts when it does. Built-ins like drawers and cabinets are particularly susceptible to the effects of these shifts as are doors and windows.

You may suddenly find yourself fighting with your makeup drawer every morning or stuck in your bedroom when the door won’t budge. You may find yourself trying to force the bathroom door to stay closed and you may notice that the window you opened earlier has mysteriously  shut itself.

While windows, drawers, and doors can sometimes stick or pop open due to seasonal shifts in humidity and moisture, repeated instances of these events often point to foundation issues.

Leaning or Cracked Walls or Chimney

A leaning chimney is one of the most dangerous signs that you have foundation problems. If it goes unaddressed, not only can it rain down heavy bricks or stone, but it can also take the entire wall down with it.

Leaning walls are another serious sign that the foundation of your home is in bad repair. Damage can appear in the form of curves or bulges in the bottom, middle or top of the wall,  as well as cracks in the outer wood and brick of the home. Walls that appear to be leaning in or out should also be considered an urgent sign of damage.

Should You Fix or Should You Sell?

Learn How to Sell a House With Foundation Problems

After the issue with your home’s foundation has been identified, it is time to make a decision. Do you sell it or fix it? That is the million-dollar question.

Foundation repair typically costs somewhere between $7,000 and $15,000 or more. You will also have to pony up for the cost of somewhere to stay while the repairs are taking place. Moreover, it is unlikely that your homeowner’s insurance will approve a claim for the repairs, so the entire cost will have to come out of your pocket.

Unless you have a lot of easily accessible credit or cash, repairing your foundation may be out of reach. That can make selling your house with foundation problems look like the smartest choice. Luckily, a damaged foundation does not exclude you from finding a buyer.

Selling Your Home with Foundation Issues

Even under the best circumstances, when it comes time to sell a distressed house, most homeowners simply want to get it done as quickly as possible. When the home in question has structural foundation issues that must be disclosed, this can be difficult.

The traditional avenue for selling a home can be problematic in this situation. Selling it as is certainly is a more fitting method. With an as is sale, the buyer agrees to buy the home just as it sits, in any condition. That means you do not have to pay fees to real estate agents or other people, get a professional inspection, or even clean the house.

You get the cash while they get the house. For help selling your home fast, contact Brothers Buy Homes they will offer you a fast cash offer in any Bay Area county like a Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano and Napa county.

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