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Do you have any upcoming listings in San Francisco that have good investment potential for us at Brothers Buy Homes? If so, we would love to work with you.

We are looking to collaborate with top-performing real estate agents like you who can bring us pre-listed or off-market properties with good upside. By working with us, you stand to earn both-side commissions.

As a local cash home buying company in San Francisco, we specialize in buying, fixing up, and reselling properties for profit. We are quick to make decisions and can close all-cash deals in a matter of days, not weeks. If you are interested in earning more commission on your listings by working with a high-volume, repeat investor, we encourage you to submit your property.

The better solution

Benefits of working with us:

  • Take both sides of commission
  • All CASH Offers right away
  • Little to NO contingencies
  • Quick close
  • Any price – As long as it meets our buying criteria
  • We will make a decision within 24 hours
  • Will even buy with tenants
  • Any part of town
  • Any condition – No repairs needed
  • We will buy distress situation and short sales
  • Make your clients happy

The property must be OFF MARKET.  We usually do no buy homes on the MLS.

We have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be under any form of obligation with your free cash offer?

You’ll never be under any form of obligation. Our free cash offers do not include any risks. It’s all up to you whether to accept or reject our cash offer.

Is it still possible to sell my house to you even if it’s listed with a real estate agent?

Sadly, we can’t because listing your home with a real estate agent means it’s contracted. Thus, we won’t be able to purchase it until you cancel the contract with your Realtor.

Will you still buy my house even if I owe money on it?

Whether you have large liens or loans, we’ll still buy your property. If what you owe is greater than our cash offer, that’s fine! Through our exceptional financing offers, we have successfully bought multiple houses that have high mortgages.

How long do I have to wait before I can sell my house?

It can be as fast as seven days. However, it varies depending on each homeowner’s situation. Some take longer because of more serious challenges. Fortunately, Brothers Buy Homes has the skills and experience to handle different types of difficulties. Hence, you can be confident that we’ll do the best we can to buy  your house at the earliest time possible.

How much will you pay for my house?

We provide a fair cash offer to every homeowner by considering three things. We check your home’s location, the extent of repairs needed to meet expected standards, and the price of similar properties in the past several months. We remain open and transparent with every homeowner. Should you have any questions or concerns, call us at 415-598-9297 or fill in our form.


Will there be any charges when I sell my house to you?

Choosing the traditional route can mean costly repairs and more fees. With us, you’re not paying a single dime. We handle all the expenses when we buy your property, so you can move out with more cash. We make the whole home-selling process smooth and seamless for you.

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